Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: 5 Books I am Thankful For

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, Ginger Reads Lainey picked the top 5 books for Top 5 Wednesday to be books we are thankful for. 

I thought about this topic a lot and the different reasons to pick each book. I didn't want to pick all of the same books I always pick when thinking of my favorite books so I tried to narrow it down to books that either made a big impact on me or have really strong memories connected to them. 
Of course, that could be most of my bookshelves... so this was hard to narrow down. 

#1: I HAD to include Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

It is safe to say that most of my book posts will include Harry Potter in some form or another. 
These books have really been a huge part of my life since the day I randomly picked this copy up on an impulse as I was standing in line in Smiths. Not only do I have all of the memories of reading the books, midnight book releases, waiting for each new book  to come out but also then sharing them with my mom, going to the the movies as they came out, and then finally sharing them with my daughters. 
I am so grateful for this whole series. 
#2. It is also no surprise that I am including Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
This book is part of who I am. It really is. They say the books you read as a child become a part of you in a way that no other reading you will ever do does and that is true for this series. 
I will always associate so many amazing memories with this series.
Lucy Maud really gave the world a gift with the creation of Anne. 

#3. Keeping with the L.M. Montgomery theme I am going to add The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Volume 1

I bought this journal when I was on PEI in 2002 (the last time I was there) and I remember starting to read it while taking a bath in a little cabin we were staying at. Within the first few pages she was talking about visiting the town we were in and I remember feeling so thankful to be able to not only be on PEI but to be there for the second time and to be sharing it with my parents. 
I love reading through her journal entries. There is a lot of writing and underlining in this book because I relate to a lot of what she wrote. We had a lot in common just as I always thought we would.
I still want to read the rest of these volumes and hopefully will soon. I am really interested in seeing if, through her journals, I can detect the chain of events in her life that led her to eventually commit suicide. I am so sad that she had such a sad life as she got older and I love to read these entries when she was still young and having a good time seeing the beauty in life. 

#4. Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The reason this book makes the list is because it was one of the first long books (and then series) that I read out loud with Abi and Maddy. There are so many awesome memories associated with reading these books together. Tears, laughter, and our wonderful trip we took to the Ingalls homestead when we finished them. I will never forget watching them run around the farm in the pioneer outfits I made for them and Maddy falling as she ran down the hill (just like on the TV show). 

And finally, #5. Mrs. Sharp's Traditions by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

In this book she takes us through the year month by month looking at and learning about Victorian home life and traditions. I read this when Abi was still very little and a lot of our own family traditions have come from this book. I have always had a fascination with that time period and loved so much about it. So reading this book was life changing and led to so many of our fondest family memories. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the books I am grateful for. 
What books are you most grateful for? 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Donna said...

Great post! And great books. I have that same "Harvest Blessings" plaque too. :-)

cheryl said...

Nice! Haha. I have a feeling that decorations would all go well together. :)

The Kings said...

Loved your post! All Harry Potter books would be on my list as well as "Anne of Green Gables" and other books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Yes, there are many memories associated with those books and fun times we have had. Such good books. I haven't read the "Little House On The Prairie" books but loved watching the episodes with all you kids! There are many books that I love as well but one that came to mind was 'Ship Wreck at the Bottom of the Earth". I loved that historical novel! And of course "Gone With The Wind"!

cheryl said...

Those are good choices too! You should probably read the Little House books. I think you would really enjoy them. They are very sweet.