Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Madeline's Sixth birthday: part one

This was the first time Maddy has had a friend party. 
She was a little excited!

Doug asked his parents if we could use their house for the party because our place would have been majorly cramped with a bunch of kids running around so we had a nice space to work with for the party. 
Maddy decided on a Shopkins theme. 
For the favor bags I bought some inexpensive bags at Michaels (these ripped a bit too easily so next time I need some I probably won't go for these cheap ones again). I cut them to look like shopping bags and then taped on a Shopkins logo. 
We filled each basket with one shopkin (I bought a 12 pack and we split it up) and some Shopkins stickers. 

I made a pin the candle on Wishes poster. However, if I were doing it again, I would draw on a bunch of candles and then have one spot where the one they are putting up is supposed to go because I didn't think about the fact beforehand that there were lots of "right spots". 

We set up some coloring pages with crayons in the kitchen area so the kids could color while waiting for other kids to show up. 

I printed off a birthday banner from the Shopkins website and taped the pieces to a plain one from Target's $1 section. 
It's hard to see, but it was cute. 

We packed a lunch for each kid consisting of a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some goldfish crackers, and sugar free applesauce. 

Rather than just serving the lunch, I wanted to keep the Shopkins theme so I used the same bags in pink and cut them to look like shopping bags as well and then filled them with the lunch items. 
Then I drew a face on red cups and they drank from those. 

I bought Maddy a 12 pack for one of her birthday gifts and we used those Shopkins to decorate the top of the cake. 

We let her invite 10 kids because she wanted to invite kids from both her kindergarten and first grade class. We ended up having 5 show up and then we let one of Abi's friends stay too (he is the brother of one of Maddy's friends) so we had a total of 8 kids. 

They started arriving right on time. 
The kids loved coloring so they ended up doing it for a few minutes after the last kid got there. 

Up next: games


Donna said...

You are so good at parties! I envy that skill! This looks so fun.

cheryl said...

Thanks. I really enjoy coming up with the ideas with Abi and Maddy.

The Kings said...

Thanks for sharing. You talked about it with me but it was fun to see the pictures. Great party...and you made precious Maddy one happy little girl!