Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween Night

The girls were so excited when the actual Halloween night was here and it was time to go trick or treating. 

Maddy reminded me about 5 minutes before leaving that I had promised her I would be a girl from Pokemon. The girl in question wears a yellow shirt, shorts, red shoes, and red suspenders. 
I wore pants of course but I was able to grab my yellow shirt and red shoes. 
I was going to do ribbon suspenders but I just couldn't find a ribbon in my ribbon box that looked good so instead I grabbed a scarf and wore it down so it *kind of* resembled suspenders.

Then they began the trick or treating!

We had only been out for a little while when Maddy decided she was too tired and there were too many dogs (this from the girls that wants a puppy when she grows up) and asked Doug to take her home. She was fine with the small amount of candy she had at this point.

Abi, however, was not ready to be done. So I had Doug take Maddy home and Abi and I kept going. 

After a few more houses she asked if we could go over to her best friend Charlotte's neighborhood and see if they were out trick or treating. So we did. And we found her and her sister!
They had so much fun trick or treating together. 

They took us to a house by them that had all sorts of amazing things going on!

It was a really fun night!


Donna said...

Maddy is the cutest Pikachu I've ever seen!

cheryl said...

Haha. Thanks! She loved it so much. One of these days I have to convince her to dress up as her namesake Madeline from the books but so far no luck. :)

The Kings said...

The girls looked so cute! Glad they had so much fun!

cheryl said...