Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Madeline's birthday party, part two

After all the kids were there it was time to play some games. 
For the first game I printed off a bunch of pictures of some Shopkins. I then taped a picture to their backs and the other kids had to give them hints about which one they had on their backs. I knew that not all of them would know the names of different Shopkins so I also made a cheat sheet they could look at and point at the one they thought it was. 

Damon had a little trouble figuring his out.

Henry is one of Abi's best friends. He got his pretty fast. 

They were all so cute and having so much fun. Five and six year olds are easy to please!
Maddy also wanted a pinata but I didn't see any Shopkins ones. 
What I ended up doing was just filling a white lunch bag with candy that I bought after Halloween on the great sales and then I taped a bunch of ribbons into the bag. I let them each grab a ribbon and pull. 

I didn't want it to be a free for all so I told them each how many pieces of candy they could pick up, ensuring that they would all get the same amount.

Next we did the pin the candle on Wishes. 
McKinley was all over the place. Ha. 

So many kids had "winning" candles that I then took the candles and held them with the name part away from Maddy and had her pick two since that is how many prizes I had. 

Then we paid a card game I picked up at the store. The instructions were a little confusing so we played it like Musical chairs. Whoever had the lowest score each round was out. 

It ended up being between Henry and Maddy. 

Henry won!

They had a lot of fun. 
After this game the kids were ready for lunch. 
So, up next: Lunch!

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The Kings said...

Nice party planner you are! I can tell that Maddy and friends all had a lot of fun!