Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Fun

Our first Halloween event last week was the church Primary party. 
This year Abi wanted to be Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony Equestria Girls. 
Last time she was an Equestria Girl I had to sew almost the whole thing but this time I got a bit of a break. We found the skirt and white tee shirt at DI and I sewed the heart on the shirt and the balloons on the skirt using felt so it was really easy and only took a couple of hours. 
We bought her a pink wig and she wore the blue cardigan she already owned. Then instead of having to make boot covers she decided that she liked the outfit better with sneakers. Yay. 
She was very in character as we left the house. 

Maddy wanted to be Pikachu from Pokemon this year. 
After the original costume didn't work out, I remembered that my nephew had been Pikachu many years ago. I asked my sister in law Karen (who had made his costume) if they still had it and they did! So they let us borrow it. 

 Once we were at the church building, they staged us in the Primary room until they were ready. 

Each kid was given a pumpkin necklace and they got to go around doing activities to earn stamps. Once they had all their stamps they could turn them in for a bag of candy. 
Maddy was terrified of that kid in the wolf mask. 

This face is because she knocked them all down!

After seeing many kids licking the spoons and then putting them back in the frosting I told the girls they could decorate a graham cracker but they could NOT eat it. 
I was surprised they still wanted to do it. But I guess it's hard to turn down a chance to dump an entire pile of sprinkles out. 

They had a good time.


The Kings said...

Very cute!! Looks like you did have fun!

cheryl said...

Yeah, it was okay. :) Didn't quite live up to the trunk or treats we used to have in Kenosha. But it's nice to have things to go to.