Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween Eve (Day and Night)

The day before Halloween was my mom's birthday. I talked her into spending the night over at my house so that she woke up at our house on her birthday and we could take her to IHOP for breakfast since the girls wanted to go there for the yearly free Scary Face pancakes. 
Isn't she adorable? This woman does not age. I swear she still looks the same as when I was a teenager and she was the age I am now. 
The girls didn't want to wear their real costumes to breakfast because they could spill food on them before school. So Abi went as a cat and Maddy wore her Cinderella dress. 

After breakfast we hurried home and got them into their costumes again before heading to the school. 

We dropped them off and they went in together (they were about 5 minutes late) while my mom and I found a place to park down the street. The place was already packed with parents because it was almost time for the Halloween parade!
I got the camera ready as soon as I saw Maddy's teacher, Miss Felt as an orange crayon, coming around the corner in the library.

There she is! Maddy was walking along with her arms folded. So cute. 
She didn't even see us until she was right next to us. I said, "Maddy!" And she squealed so loud. It was adorable. 

When Abi came by she was walking so fast I didn't get my camera turned back on in time and missed the picture but we waited until a lot of the crowd was gone and went by her room to get a picture of her in there. 
I was glad we did because when I saw her in there, her wig was falling off and she looked really concerned about it. I was able to call her out, help her fix it, and then get a picture. 

After the parade, we left and I drove my mom to meet my dad. 
But later that night we did get to spend some more time with them at my sister's new house. We all gathered there to celebrate her birthday. It was so much fun!


The Kings said...

Thank you!! I had such a fun day and birthday with you and the girls.I love your pictures...what great memory keepers!

cheryl said...

So glad you were able to be there!