Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Random October

One rainy day we went to the park. 
Yeah, weird thing to do but the girls asked and I said sure. 
The leaves were gorgeous at the park that day. 

We were all getting wet but it was more of a sprinkling type of rain while we were there.

However, the slides were very wet and by the time we left, the girls were soaked. 

During fall break from school, the girls asked if we could go sleep over at my parent's house. 
We had so much fun. 

The next day we were passing the local flower shop that gives you a free flower if it says your name on the sign. And it said Maddy! We went in and they painted her flower blue for her. She was so excited. 

I had to capture this moment when I looked up from my book to see both girls reading as well.

The girls wouldn't let a little rain keep them from playing and crafting outside. 

Being the Princess in Black after reading the second book. 

An American Girl store opened up near us. It is just temporary unfortunately but we the girls really wanted to go to the grand opening. 
It was extremely crowded.

Later that day me and Abi went to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with my parents. Abi sat in for some photo ops. 

I captured so much of Maddy's personality in this little clip from the library.

Maddy has been a little obsessed with making masks. 

The girls had Reflections at their school this month. The theme was Let your imagination Soar or something like that. 
Abi painted a Hot Air Balloon. 
Maddy painted a mermaid that "dreamed of flying out of the ocean to live on an island".


Donna said...

I love the random things that make up our months. That's life! I think it's fun to document it, otherwise it kind of all blends together and you can forget a lot.

cheryl said...

Yes. I always wonder if I should do a post for each thing but I rather like just throwing a lot of the little every day things together.

The Kings said...

So fun to enjoy the memories and events! I loved the slow-motion video of Maddy! Such cute girls!!

cheryl said...

Me too. She loves the video as well.