Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Madeline's big news!

For those of you not on Facebook or Instagram... 
At the beginning of the year Maddy's teacher and I talked about how she wasn't being challenged in Kindergarten. They were pretty much doing the things she had already learned in preschool with me. 
So then I talked to the principal about it. 
They had the school psychologist observe her for a few weeks and then they tested her on Kindergarten and first grade levels. 
Then they called me in. 
They said that if we moved her to the first grade she would be in the top 4% so it was kind of a no brainer to mover her up. 
We left it up to her though and she decided to do it. 
She was sad to leave all of her K friends but we promised we would still do what we could to make sure she still saw them. 
It took a few weeks for them to get all the paperwork done and then it was time for her to start. 
This was her last day of Kindergarten...

And her first day of First grade!

I wish they would have got in done sooner so she wasn't coming in halfway through the first term... but I am really glad that she was able to do this. 
She is having a lot of fun. 
It is crazy to have both girls in school full time!-


Donna said...

Smart girl! Sounds like a smart move for her and I bet she'll thrive.
I've been loving having both my kids in school full time. :)

cheryl said...

Yeah. I have to admit, even though it is weird, I enjoy it as well. I have been able to keep up on my to do list so much better!!

The Kings said...

So cute and what a darling little smarty pants:-)

cheryl said...

Yes. She is so darling!