Monday, September 28, 2015

The month of September

 Maddy playing out on the patio... she was playing with play dough but decided to have a reading break. 

During my read-a-thon on Scones and Crackers, I took the girls to a park one day after school so I could get in some reading in the sunshine while they played. 

I heard about a really great app for keeping track of your books and movies. 
About a year ago I bought one for only a couple of dollars but then after doing a portion of my books it was out of space. Plus it took a really long time to do them all. 
So, when I heard about this newer app that could hold a ton of inventory and was FREE I was so excited. It's called Libib.
I downloaded it onto my phone and spent about a week scanning all of my books (except the holiday ones that are packed away- I will scan them every time we get out holiday things.) and our movies. 
I used the time to re-arrange the shelves as well. 
It was quite daunting to see so many books hanging out on the floor. 

I love the way the shelves look after the rearranging. 

Maddy decided that she wanted to be Pikachu for Halloween. 
I ordered the costume she wanted from Amazon. 
It arrived and we were so excited. 
I helped her to put it on and she had a meltdown. 

She looked adorable in it but it was hard to pull over her head. 
Maddy has this issue with things going over her head. 
If pajamas or shirts take more than a second she starts to crocodile roll and freak out. 
So, once it was on, even though she looked so cute, that and the fact that it was itchy made her swear she would never wear it again. 
Don't let this picture fool you. She is smiling through her tears because her sister was making her laugh. 
Luckily, Amazon let me send it back and not only did I not have to pay shipping but I got a full refund. Thank you Amazon. 

We went to the costume unveiling at our local Kid to Kid (a consignment type store). They didn't have any costumes we were interested in but they did have face painting. 
Maddy ended up getting her face painted like Pikachu. 

We went to the store that day to get a few Halloween things because the girls begged me to decorate for Halloween early. 
I found this owl with books at Walmart for only $5.

We came right home and decorated. 

Cute little witch. 

We decided to make Pygmy Puffs using a tutorial on Youtube for our Harry potter party and since we had enough of the fabric we decided to make a bunch of them. 
Abi helped me to sew them and they both stuffed them with fluff. 
It was a fun night. 

And lastly (for now), last night we went out to look at the supermoon eclipse. It was so cool.


The Kings said...

Love the photos of the girls and the moon!

cheryl said...


Donna said...

Your pictures of the supermoon came out well! I'm not sure yet how mine came out, but my hopes are not high. That's too bad Maddy didn't like the Pikachu costume because it's adorable! I really need to re-arrange our bookshelves. They're a mess! Yours look so nice and neat now.

cheryl said...

Thanks. I love the new arrangement. I have more of them lying down now and I really like the contrast between the ones on their sides and the ones that are upright.
I know! I loved the costume on her. Oh well.