Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Maddy's first day of Kindergarten

Maddy's first day of school! 
Madeline was very excited to start Kindergarten. 
She is in afternoon kindergarten so we had Abi off to school already and then took our time with her in the morning, playing and then getting ready after she had lunch. 
My parents bought her the first day of school outfit (except for the shoes) and it was just perfect for her. I love it. 

It was hard to get her to stand still for pictures!

Doug stayed home from work so we took her together. 
Madeline, being our little social butterfly, immediately made friends when she got in line at the school. They bonded over their backpacks and the fact that they were all five. It was adorable. 
Doug and I talked about how weird it was to be all alone and went on a lunch date and ran errands before going back a couple hours later to pick her up. 
It was a really fun day!


Holly said...

Oh to bond over something like a backpack and being 5. I love it! She's darling in short hair too!

cheryl said...

I know. It was so cute. "I'm five!" "I'm five too!" "Wow!"
"What's on your backpack? Mine is shopkins!" "I have Minions" "OOh that's nice!"
They are so funny.
Thanks. I love her short hair. It is so much easier and fits her so well.

Donna said...

Her outfit is adorable! So is her hair!

cheryl said...

I love that outfit so much. And I love her hair. :)