Monday, September 14, 2015

Kindergarten testing

On the Thursday of Abi's first week of school, they did Kindergarten testing. 
Maddy was looking so cute that I had to take a bunch of pictures of my soon to be kindergartener. 

She is such a little performer. 
We went in for what I thought would be a long test but she was done in less than ten minutes. 
She said that they had her count and identify numbers to 10, identify all the letters and see which sounds she knew, and asked her about shapes. And that was it. 
They didn't even ask her to read. I was very surprised by this. 
We had about a half an hour before Abi would get out so we went to the playground and played in the intense heat while we waited.


Donna said...

I like how her headband kept falling down and she didn't seem to care. She's so cute.

cheryl said...

Both of our girls have been like that! Headbands never stay where they are meant to.

The Kings said...

I am really surprised that they didn't test her more on numbers and reading. So many kids are in pre-school so I thought she would have a lot of competition. What are pre-schools doing? Goes to show you how important moms that work with and teach their kids are! She was adorable in her little photo shoot!

cheryl said...

I thought the same thing. I kind of thought they had to know how to read for Kindergarten. Don't know why I thought that.