Friday, September 4, 2015

Annual Back To School Getaway

Last year Abi and I began a tradition of going away to a hotel when it is time to do back to school shopping. 
This year we were so excited to do it again and so excited that Maddy got to come with us this year. 
One day my mom was over and Abi and Maddy asked her if she would please come with us. 
She wasn't sure if she should because she thought that I might want it to be just me and the girls. I said, Duh. And told her she is always welcome to tag along and I knew that the girls would probably have even more fun since she is their favorite person. 

I thought I took more pictures of the actual clothes shopping, but apparently I didn't. 
We shopped for a few hours hitting Gymboree, Hot Topic, Justice, and Kohl's and then stopped for lunch at McDonald's. 

Then we went to Target and the Skecher's Shoe Outlet. I think that was all. 
After that we stopped at a little ice cream shop in Orem where my mom bought us treats.

My mom, Abi, and I got a bowl with vanilla custard with mix-ins. Maddy wanted an ice cream cone. 
They brought it to us and it looked like this...

As soon as I took pictures I had to go back and ask for a bowl. 

That's a LOT of ice cream. 

After finishing our treats and our shopping we went to our hotel (also in Orem) to check in. 

We relaxed for a while in our room and then went down to the pool. 
We had a lot of fun swimming for awhile and then went back to the room to get showers and cleaned up. Then we went out to dinner. 
After dinner we got into our cozy pajamas and played a game of Life. We bought a new version of it and brought it along to play for the first time. It was pretty fun. 

These are all the clothes we got for Maddy.
Most are from Gymboree. 
A few outfits are from Kid to Kid and there a couple of things from H&M, Macy's, Skechers, and Target. 

Abi's clothes: 
From Justice, Target, and Skechers. 

We watched cartoons for a while and then the girls fell asleep, exhausted. 

The next morning we woke up and got ready, watched some cartoons, and went down to the lobby to eat the continental breakfast. 
The food was not great though so we decided to just leave and go to the McDonald's across the street. The girls thought they had won the lottery going to McDonald's twice in two days. 

We went back to our room and packed up and then just hung out until it was time to check out. 
My dad met us in the lobby and my mom left with him and the girls and I went home. 
Thanks for coming along with us Mom! We had such a great time. 
I love this tradition!


The Kings said...

I love your tradition, too! Thanks for inviting me...I enjoyed it so much!

Seth and Julie said...

I was going to do that with Alyssa before she started Middle School, but then she stayed home for Middle School so it never happened. I like your idea of just doing it every year and with all the kids rather than just on big transition years.

cheryl said...

Mom- Glad you came! It was so much fun!You are welcome every year if you want.

Julie- I think I look forward to it as much as they do. It is so much fun to get away together like this.