Monday, September 21, 2015

August 2015 Book Haul

August wasn't a huge month for buying books. 
In fact, only one of the books in that picture is one that I bought. 

I ordered All I know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher from Amazon. 
You can find a review of that book on Scones and Crackers here.
Every year our library does a summer reading program. If you finish the challenges on the program you get to pick out a free book. 
The other three books are the ones we picked out for our free books. 
Abi picked the Lego Friends Perfect Pals book and really likes it. Yes, it is way under her reading level but she still enjoys all kinds of books (which I think is good). 
Madeline picked out the Lalaloopsy Harmony Takes the Stage book. She also really likes it. 
The selection for adults was seriously lacking. The choices were mostly westerns and romances. So I took a look at the young adult choices and they let me pick from them. All of the books I was interested in I already owned except for Looking For Alaska by John Green. I am not a huge John Green fan but since I was interested in reading this book, I thought I might as well grab it for free and then I can pass it along if I don't enjoy it. 

The only other books we got in August were the two books that each girl got on their back to school eve. And those were actually bought earlier in the summer and just given on those nights. If you are interested in seeing which books they received, check out their Back to School eve posts here and here.

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