Friday, September 4, 2015

Family Pictures

This summer we took some family portraits with Doug's siblings. 
We did two different picture days. The first pictures were taken by a friend of the family in the back yard of Doug's parents' house. 
The second set were done in a professional portrait studio in Draper. (Fotofly)
The ones done in the back yard were of everyone (except Doug's parents because they are currently in Hong Kong) and the ones at the studio were just all of the grandkids. 

My favorite picture of the bunch is this one of Abigail and Madeline in Doug's parents' back yard. 

And here are the photos from the studio session: 
They did pictures of just the boys and pictures of just the girls and then pictures with all of them. 
I love this all girls picture. 


The Kings said...

Very nice...and a great idea!

Seth and Julie said...

The one of the girls is super cute, but so is the one of your little family. Reminds me that we are way overdue for a new family picture.