Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random Summertime: Part One

The summer has come and gone and now it is September. 
My blog got away from me!
Now I am trying to play major catch up with family and geography posts so that I can get on with the blog in some fun new ways that I will announce later!
But for now, here is to looking back at the summer and some of our fun moments. 

Abi built a tower taller than herself one night. 
She was very excited about this. It fell over a lot on its way up. 

My nephew got married in July. Abi and I went to the reception alone so that we could have a little date and go to a movie together afterward. (Maddy doesn't like going to theaters)

We went to see Inside Out. We loved it. It made us laugh and cry. 

One day we decided to do park tours. We spent the whole afternoon visiting a bunch of different parks within about ten minutes of our house. 

We had some slurpees. This particular day Maddy begged me to take her picture next to this sour patch kid since that was the kind of slurpee she got. 

One day on Facebook a friend said that she had some free passes to Seven Peaks Water park if anyone wanted them. 
I asked her if we could have three.
So we picked them up from her and had a fun time swimming at the water park.

This is a horrible picture of me because I was making a funny face to send to my sister, but I thought I would post it anyway to show my hair. 
I got my hair colored. 
It still looks blond and not that different to others (most people didn't notice) but it looks so different to me. They kept the really blond color I already had and then added a few strands of an even whiter blond and then a bunch of light brown. I really like it and feel like it made my hair look a lot thicker and healthier. Plus I think it looks better with my skin tone. I plan on keeping it this way for a long time... maybe even adding a little bit more of the brown in.

One day the girls and I were out running errands and knew we wouldn't be home in time for lunch. 
Usually if this happens we just swing in to somewhere cheap but this day we decided it would be fun to go sit down somewhere and make it feel like more of an event. The girls wanted Chili's. 

That same day we were in the mall and I had the best shopping day ever. 
The Hot Topic had the new Harry Potter Pop! toys. I grabbed Harry. 
(I know have a few more of them!)
But the most exciting thing was when I walked past a shoe store and saw yellow converse in the window. I have been looking for yellow converse for years. I bought them and a red pair as well and I LOVE these shoes so much. 

Abi made a My Little Pony puppet show.

One of my favorite summer photos is this one I took while filling the car with gas one day. I posted it to Instagram with a caption about guessing what my favorite color is. I had just noticed that my wallet and shoes were the exact same colors (and so is my phone case but of course I was taking the picture with my phone). I love how happy yellow makes me feel!


The Kings said...

Loved all the pictures!!!

Donna said...

Your hair looks so good. I'd love to have your hair! I started using the Moroccanoil shampoo brand this summer after you said that Moroccan oil had been great for your hair, and I definitely think it's helping my hair to look better and be healthier. So thanks for that tip!
I love the yellow and white! What a happy combination! The shoes are awesome.

Seth and Julie said...

Your hair is so cute! I always liked the platinum as well, but this looks a lot easier to grow out without having to worry about roots. I like the dimension as well. I went blond this summer and I initially wanted it all one color, but the stylist talked me into highlights and low lights. I'm glad she did because it does give it some depth.

Also, as usual, you and Alyssa would get along so well. All of her school clothes came from Hot Topic other than her new Harley Quinn converse which are only at Journeys. She also loves those Pops. She has Harley Quinn and some Potter ones, and Chloe has all the ones from Inside Out. I am glad to hear you liked it. Every one we talk to says it was overrated, but we thought it was cute.

cheryl said...

Mom- thanks!

Donna- So glad to hear you have tried it and think it is working. I can still see my scalp through my hair and still get sunburnt through it but on days that I 'do' my hair I can't. So that's been awesome.
The other thing I have been using when I style my hair is this powder like stuff that you shake in and rub around. It makes it have so much more volume!
I miss the days of low maintenance hair I had when I was young. Now I have to either spend time blow drying and styling it or have it in a crappy looking ponytail. And sometimes both. :)

Julie-thanks. I really do like having multiple colors so much more. When I look at Abi and Maddy's hair they have so many different shades of blonde and brown in there that I think it helps it to look more natural on us too.
I love Hot Topic. And so do my kids. We always have to stop in there and look around. It is a fan girl's heaven.