Monday, September 7, 2015

Reading prizes

As usual, we had a reading challenge for Abi and Maddy this summer. Abi was asked to read 100 books and write summaries of them with pictures. She liked this challenge from a few years ago the best so she wanted to do it again. Maddy had to read for 40 hours. 

Abi with her book notebook right after hitting 100!

Her prize was a Lego jungle set.

With Maddy we started the bookmark timer over a few times because it was easier for her to think of the challenge is smaller time periods. At the end she had 5 more hours to get to forty.
Here she is when she hit that five, making her forty hours!

She got a Shopkins set. 

The rest of the day was spent with both girls playing with their new toys. 


The Kings said...

So proud of the girls meeting their reading goals...and I think the idea of prizes at the end was great motivation!

Seth and Julie said...

100 books! Wow! We were going to have some read-a-thons this summer but never go to it. I am sure putting a prize on the table would have helped.

cheryl said...

Mom- thanks! They were so excited and so was I

Julie- yep. It's a lot of reading. She found that towards the end of the summer she was still further away from the goal than she thought so she had a couple of days where she locked herself away in her room reading!
The prizes are really fun. We pick them out at the beginning of the summer and then have them in a basket on top of my desk until they earn them.