Friday, September 11, 2015

Abi's first day of 4th grade

Abi started fourth grade this year! 
She was really excited to go on her first day. 
I can't believe how grown up she looks. I feel like the teenage years are looming over us. 

Her backpack is one we already had. 
She really wanted an Equestria Girl backpack which is the My Little Pony characters as people, but we couldn't find one. So I ordered iron ons from Etsy and then sewed them on. 

Maddy wanted to be in the pictures too. 

I thought she would want us to go to school with her and go around to her line and wait with her on the first day like she has every other year. But nope. She wanted to wave goodbye to us and have dad drive her to school and just drop her off like any other day. 
Yep. She's growing up. 


Donna said...

The teenage years are definitely right around the corner!

cheryl said...

Yep. Scary.