Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to School haircuts

The weekend before school was going to start for Abigail, we went to Cookie Cutters to get Abigail and Madeline's haircuts. 
Maddy asked to have hers cut short. 
Abi didn't want hers cut so we told her it would just be a trim of a couple of inches and her bangs. 
Madeline surprised the stylist by not wanting to watch anything while getting her hair cut. She is so funny. 

Abi is at the end in the yellow cover. Maddy is in the blue cover. 

Abi watched My Little Pony during her cut. 

You can see them both again here. 

Maddy was a little nervous getting her hair washed but she did it! 
Then the stylist dried her hair and added some sparkle. 

I love her new hairstyle. It really fits her personality. 

Abi was very happy with her trim and the fact that the stylist made her a braid "headband". 


The Kings said...

So adorable. I agree that Maddy's haircut fits her to a "T". And Abi got what she wanted and she looks so cute!

Seth and Julie said...

I love the bob on Maddy! How cute that the stylist did a braid for Abi as well. Much more exciting than the walk-in places we go where they leave with hair still dripping wet.

cheryl said...

Mom- it really does. I love her long hair but this is just so her and so much easier to style.
Julie- Yeah, Abi wanted me to recreate it on the first day of school. I did okay but I have yet to be able to get it to look exactly the same. It cost, I think, $5 extra for them to wash and style the hair rather than just cut it (so I can't remember but I think it was $15 each instead of 10 or something) It is totally worth it for them to leave with cute hair and not have to re-do it for a day!

Donna said...

Maddy's short hair is adorable. And I love Abby's braid. I wish we had a children's haircut place like that in Iowa.