Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some May moments

Our girls have always loved art. I love watching what they do with their creativity. 
A lot of the time whatever they are interested in becomes the focus of their art. 
The other day, Abi brought me this picture she had drawn of some of her favorite Pokemon characters. 
I think it is pretty darn good. 

We took the girls to a new dentist this month.
The one we started taking them to when we moved to Utah was nice and had a fun place for the kids to play, but I just didn't feel comfortable there.
He filled one cavity on Abi right away and I just wasn't sure it was necessary.
So when we went back at the end of last year and he said she had two more he wanted to fill and one on Maddy that would probably have to be filled by this spring (and she hasn't lost any of her baby teeth yet) I just didn't believe him.
I made the appointments but just didn't feel right.
So I cancelled.
Then we found out that the dentist my sister took her girls to accepted our dental insurance so we went to check them out.
This place was awesome.
And I was right.
The dentist told me that there were some areas on Abi that could become cavities but they didn't need to be filled because they weren't anything yet and they were in teeth she should be losing in the next year or two and he said Maddy's teeth were perfect.
So glad I followed my gut on this one!
Also, they got to play video games while they had their teeth cleaned.

Afterward, the dental hygienist made them balloon animals!

And every time you leave without having cavities you get a coupon for a free ice cream cone at Sonic. 
They are so happy with their new dentist office!

It has been an extremely rainy month here in Utah. 
Abi really needed an umbrella for school. 
I love the one she picked out at Target!

And I love that they are always coming out of their room in cute little outfits and asking me to take their picture. 


Donna said...

That umbrella is adorable! I love it too. I'm glad you followed your instinct and found a good new dentist for the kids.

The Kings said...

Nice dentist place and cute umbrella!

cheryl said...

I really love the umbrella. It is so cute and really kid friendly.
The dentist is so awesome!