Friday, May 29, 2015

Maddy pre-dance pictures

A couple of weeks ago Maddy's dance class did their pictures at the studio. 
They turned out absolutely adorable and I post them when I get them. 
These are the ones I took when we were on our way to get the pictures taken. 
She had to wear her costume for the upcoming dance recital. 
Of course, she wasn't wearing her purple shoes in the class pictures!

I tried to get a picture of her getting the photos taken but it's a little hard to see through the window. 
You can see her down there on the left. 

She wanted more pictures with her slicked back hair and make-up at home later in her regular clothes. 

I love these pictures. They are so sweet...

And then I captured her personality...

She is such a funny girl.


Seth and Julie said...

What a pretty costume and Maddy is looking way too grown up but she is a beauty.

The Kings said...

So pretty and so funny!

cheryl said...

It really is such a pretty costume! I love it. Really happy that this is the one we get to keep. (Winter costume is rental and spring recital is more expensive but get to keep).
She is growing up way too fast!

Isn't she mom? Always keeping us laughing on our toes, this one.

LeShel said...

Her costume is beautiful! I still think of her as a baby! She's adorable. Love her beautiful pictures and the pics of her personality. She looks like a ton of fun.

Donna said...

She's such a pretty, fun girl!