Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maddy's date with Grandma and Grandpa

Recently my mom and dad took Maddy on her date. 
Maddy still wants me to tag along so that was fun. 
First they took her to McDonald's for lunch. 
She was so excited that they had My Little Pony toys. 

The next stop was Build A Bear so I rode in the back with Maddy. 
Along the way she did some classic Maddy funny faces. 

At Build a Bear she picked out another Princess Palace Pet, Treasure. 
She was so excited. 

They let her pick out an outfit too. 

Maddy and my adorable mom. 

After that we stopped at Swig for drinks.

This was so messy. But she loved it. 

She had such a great time. 
Times with the grandparents are the best!


The Kings said...

Such a fun date with my Maddikins!

cheryl said...

She had so much fun with you guys!