Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really nice! 
The girls made me lots of cards leading up the day that were hung around the house. 
Abi brought this one home from school. 

My mom made me the really cute painted flower in the picture that has a special place on one of my bookshelves now. 
Abi made the little green/blue vase at school which also is on a bookshelf. 
I got three books I have been wanting to read. 
The girls both gave me cards they made at church. 
I got the cookie at church as well but I let the girls share it. 
And, since I have really been wanting some new luggage for my trip to Europe, I picked this one up for a sweet deal and then justified it by turning it into a Mother's day gift. :)

I have never bought new luggage for myself. Everything we have was Doug's save one small carry on I got for Christmas many, many years ago when I worked at IHC. 
In fact, the only luggage we have bought is Abi's Sofia the first suitcase. 
So I am super excited to actually have a piece of regular sized luggage that is brand new and beautiful. 
I love the yellow and blue pattern!

It was a really nice day. It started with church and then I spent most of the day reading.


The Kings said...

So glad!

cheryl said...


Donna said...

That is a beautiful suitcase. It will be perfect for England!