Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kindergarten registration

In April we took Maddy up to Abi's school to register her for Kindergarten. 
I really can't believe my little baby is going to be in school in just a few months!

They had a really nice program. 
The principle welcomed us all and they put little colored balloons on each kids' shirt. 
Then the two kindergarten teachers were introduced and the children were split up based on their balloon color and went with a teacher to her room. 
There they read stories and learned about the kindergarten schedule and had snacks. 
While they were gone, the principal went over all the things we needed to know. 
It was really great. 
And Maddy had the best time!

Abi's friend Henry was there with his family too so they sat together looking at Pokemon books the whole time. She loved it.

When it was over we went outside and Abi showed Maddy the whole playground (even though it won't be Maddy's playground until 1st grade AND Maddy has been on it before.)


The Kings said...

Hard to believe Maddy is going to Kindergarten!

cheryl said...

Right!? But she is so ready and excited for it.