Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April sledding

This year we bought the girls some sleds.
But we never went sledding anywhere besides our back yard. 
We didn't have much snow this year. 
I promised the girls that if we had any snowstorms at all we would go to this one big hill I used to sled at when I was a teenager. (promise was made back in January)

Then one day in April it actually happened. 
It snowed. 

Maddy and I decided to surprise Abi so we packed the car with the sleds and their winter gear. 
Then we went to get her from school at normal time but didn't tell her we weren't going home. 
It was pretty funny because she didn't notice we were going a different direction.
Then right before we got there she asked where are we going. 
I pointed and pulled over. 
She was so excited.
We quickly got them into their snow clothes and hit the hill!

It was a lot of fun!


Donna said...

How fun! That's good you got to go once. We didn't go sledding at all this winter!

cheryl said...

And it melted really quickly! So it's lucky we went!

Seth and Julie said...

We had plenty of snow and still never managed to go sledding. :( I have never been sledding in Utah. I bet there are some amazing places for it. What a fun after school surprise.

The Kings said...

What fun! So glad we got a little snow so you could do your activity!

cheryl said...

There aren't that many places to sled out there though Julie. :) I remember the first time we saw the skiing mountain and I was like, "What? That sledding hill?"
It was really fun to surprise her.