Monday, May 11, 2015

April's random moments part one

This was the centerpiece I made for our table for April. 
Yellow makes me happy!

The girls and I enjoyed playing Disney Scene It one night while Doug was out. 
I always win.

We went to the missionary farewell of a cousin. 
I love doing their hair in these kinds of braids. 

We did a lot of practicing on the new bikes. 

Maddy and Doug had a race. 

Abi had her first crash soon after this picture. But it wasn't too bad. 
She scraped up her leg quite a bit.. but nothing serious. 

And the girls enjoyed doing some dancing around the driveway before going to the Easter egg hunt. 

Abi was photo bombing and thought she was hilarious. 


The Kings said...

So fun! Hey...Maddy had good running form in the one picture of her! Maybe she will be a runner too!

cheryl said...

Maybe so. It seems to run in the family even if it skipped me. :)

Donna said...

Great pictures. They capture your girls and their personalities really well.

cheryl said...