Monday, May 11, 2015

April's random moments, part two

April was a crazy month. 
It was warm for most of the month and then got cold and snowy again!

One day when Doug was out I took the girls to Swig to get the both some shaved ice. 

We went to the mall and found a 3D red apple to build. Doug wanted one of these at Disney World but they were out of red. 
So he was pretty excited that we found one here. 
He and Abi put it together that night. 


During Spring Break we got the paints out and left them out for a few days. 
The girls painted shoes, canvas, and lots of paper. 

One day Maddy decided she wanted blue hair. We had some little hair color packets from Hot topic and tried one out. 
It looked kind of green and was hard to see but she LOVED it. 

That day Doug took Abi into work with him for a few hours and asked us to meet him for lunch at the Training Table.
We hardly ever do that so it was really fun. 

More painting. 

Doug got a new suit, custom made, by a guy in Thailand. 
It is pretty awesome. 
He got to pick the fabric and lining. 
I like the vest the most. 

The shirt cuffs have his initials. 

For his lining, he chose Orange. 

And it says his name in there too.

These are some random pictures I took of the girls goofing off one evening.


The Kings said...

Cute pictures!

cheryl said...


Donna said...

Doug's suit is AMAZING!

cheryl said...

Thanks Donna. I think so too. He loves it.