Thursday, May 28, 2015

Abi's school program

A couple of weeks ago, Abi had her program at school. 
They sang songs from around the world. 
It was really cute. 

Her group was representing England and they were supposed to wear red, white, and blue.


It was so cute and she did such a great job!


Donna said...

It's awesome that her group was representing England!

cheryl said...

I know! I was really excited. I wanted to do her nails as Union Jacks and get Union Jack bows for her hair. She quickly shot that down and said she just needed to wear the colors. :)

The Kings said...

It was such a cute program and Abi did such a good job! Thanks for inviting us!

cheryl said...

You are welcome! Thanks for coming!It means so much to the kids that you are always there for their special moments!