Monday, May 4, 2015

Easter 2015

I love Easter. 
I was even more excited this year since it fell on General Conference weekend and we knew we wouldn't have to go anywhere!
Instead of getting new Easter dresses we got them the Pokemon shirts they wanted with some shorts to wear as pajamas while hanging out in the house. 
Then instead of getting treats and toys like usual to earn during Conference, we knew their baskets would keep them occupied!
(Although we did have some packets for them to fill out and a few small toys I got for $1 that they could buy with those points later that I had picked up before I realized it was Easter Sunday). 

Abi's basket. 

Maddy's basket. 

Doug's basket.

My basket.

They woke us up with their squealing. 
They are supposed to come get us before getting into things but when they walked out of their rooms they immediately saw their baskets and started calling out for us to come look at what they got. 

Maddy was so excited for her Pikachu stuffie. 

Abi looking at Maddy's game.

"Look mommy! A chocolate bunny!"

"We have matching chocolate bunnies!"

Calico critters!

small Lego sets.

I think Abi was most excited about her Pokemon book. 

They each got some candy, books, a movie, a Calico Critter, a small lego set, a mini pony, and then Maddy got the board game and Pikachu while Abi got a set of Pokemon cards and the plastic card holders. 
Abi's movie came with a super hero mask. 

They enjoyed working with their things while watching conference. 

The room was SUCH a mess. But they were loving every minute of it. 


Donna said...

I love it that they love Pokemon!

The Kings said...

Fun baskets1 What fun! And that kept them occupied during Conference!

cheryl said...

I know. It is so funny. My girls have definitely learned this year that no toy is boy or girl. It's a girl toy if you like it!

They were really fun baskets.