Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sick Days

The worst week of December started with Maddy throwing up. 
She ended up sleeping on the floor in our room and throwing up throughout the night... something that she has never done before. 
It was so sad. 
The next day she threw up a couple of times but mostly was okay.
My biggest challenge was getting her to drink. 
She just wouldn't. 
So I was really worried about her getting dehydrated. 
Finally I got some popsicles out and she would eat it.
Abi was happy that she got some too even though she wasn't sick... yet. 
Doug had to go out of town for work so the girls and I took it easy and made sure Maddy got lots of sleep. 
By Monday she was still tired but seemed much better and Abi and I were completely fine. 
Then Monday afternoon within hours of feeling completely normal, I was laying on the couch with a horrible pain in my stomach and feeling completely sick. 
Every time I would try to stand up I would feel like I was going to faint. 
I do not get sick easy nor do I throw up often so once that happened I knew I was definitely dealing with something bad. 
I told Abi that I needed her to watch Maddy because I was going to be useless. 
She got really grumpy with me and told me she didn't feel good either. 
A little later Maddy came out of her room and I asked her what Abi was doing. She said, she is asleep. 
So yeah, Maddy had been "watching" herself.
I was finally throwing up and crawling around feeling like I was going to pass out. 
I talked to my sister and told her I was going to try to make it down the hall to my bed. She told me to call her when I got in bed so she would know I had made it.
This in and of itself is pretty crazy because my room is so close to the family room. I mean, our place is SMALL. It is maybe 20-30 feet away. 
I made it and called her. She told me to call her if I needed anything. 

Doug wouldn't be home until sometime in the morning. 

Soon Abi was crawling into bed with me because she had started throwing up as well. 

Thus started the worst night. 

We were both up all night. Every time I would fall asleep I would wake up to either myself needing to throw up or Abi throwing up. And a few times she didn't make it all the way to the bathroom or into the garbage can next to the bed.. but I couldn't clean it up. I would start to try and almost faint. 
It was a disaster. I have never been that sick.
Doug came in about 2am and immediately cleaned up everything. He was amazing. 
Then he went to the store to get tons of grape juice. 
I read a while back that if you have someone around you that is sick to drink a lot of grape juice and you won't get it. So he bought some and started drinking it. 
I am pretty sure it works. Because Doug gets sick pretty easy. And this was obviously contagious. And he didn't get it!

Abi and I stopped throwing up about mid morning but weren't back to ourselves for a few days. For me it wasn't until Saturday that I could finally wake up and go out. 

Crazy! And not fun in December. The rest of the month just flew by and there were so many things that didn't get done. I guess there is always next year!

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The Kings said...

What an experience! So glad you made it through all that!!