Monday, February 9, 2015

King Family Christmas Party

The Sunday before Christmas my family got together at my parent's house for our family Christmas party.  A lot of us met up with my parents at their church beforehand to attend church together.
After church we all changed into comfy clothes and set out all the food we brought. 
We went with an appetizer themed lunch with lots of things to munch on. 

My niece Courtney, my sister Stephanie, brother-in-law Dan, and sister-in-law Karen...

Abi enjoyed a game of Christmas checkers with her cousin Alex.
(Matthew watched from the couch)

Maddy was so excited to be there with the family!

After snacking we went downstairs to play games and share talents. 

My nephews Logan and Austin told a story my brother Greg wrote using my Mom's Nutcrackers. 

We brought our Elf microphone to sing songs... but it kept making a strange sound and turning off. 
It was pretty funny. 

We divided into teams and had to wrap one team member like a snowman. 

Doug as a snowman, my mom as a snowwoman, and Logan in the back wrapping Greg...

Alex, snowman Matthew, and my brother Brent...

It was pretty funny.

Unwrapping the snow people resulted in a giant toilet paper fight. 

And Courtney like this...

Then we did a game where you had to try to pick up candy canes with another candy cane in your mouth.

Abi and Maddy

They tied and my sister gave them each a tube of Pez. They were both so happy about that. 

The adults all did it too but I guess I don't have photos! It was hard. The candy canes kept breaking in my mouth!

After our games we went up to open presents. 
These kids are excited!

We went youngest to oldest. 
Each family member buys for one other member and then everyone gets presents for and from my parents. 
So, Maddy went first.

Maddy opening her present from my sister's family. 
(Mckenna, Maddy, Courtney)

McKenna helping Maddy open it up.

They gave her some Ninja Turtles pajama pants, Ninja Turtle chapstick, and a blanket that came with a big Leonardo plush. She was SO excited!

Then she opened the gifts from my parents. 

She was so excited about her presents she kept sliding off the chair. 
I think this pictures is so funny. 
McKenna is trying to make sure Maddy doesn't get hurt as she slides off to show everyone her Calico Critters family.

Showing off her Littlest Pet Shop set.

And the big one...

Calico Critters tree house. 

Then it was Abi's turn...

My brother Greg's family had her. 
She first got a beautiful tiara-ish headband. 

She had to put it on right away with her other headband. 

She was excited about the Da Vinci door hanger art set. 

Then she got to open the gift from my parents. 

Something she had wanted for a long time!  A 2DS!

Courtney was opening her presents and kept putting the things she was pulling out of a bag into Mckenna's hands. 
I had to get a picture.

Brent had Doug and got him a CD he wanted, chocolate oranges and Pineapple Fanta.

I had to take a photo of this. I can't even remember who got this for my brother Greg.
He is a photographer.

I had my sister and made her a special apron for her to use in Primary. 
She goes in and asks the kids about Friend magazine and gives treats so she needed something with lots of little pockets. I couldn't find any patterns like that so I had to invent one. 

I think it turned out pretty good. 
It has the basic ruffles and the top black and white part has all of the little pockets.

We got my parents a DVD they had wanted for a long time and gift cards for dinner and dessert. 

We were then able to have a big Christmas dinner and dessert and hang out for a while.
When we got home Abi couldn't wait to try out her new DS.

And Maddy went right to work getting out her toys as well. 

Abi with her new things. 
The art set, tiara, DS, and a wreath she got in the white elephant exchange. 

I just realized I didn't have any pictures of my gifts from this night. But you can see them behind Abi. 
My sister in law Karen had me. 
She gave me some treats and a Barnes and Noble gift card. Score!

Maddy with her gifts. 
All of her Ninja turtles stuff, The Calico Critter and Pet shops set, and a My Little Pony pop set. 
Also a rock with a smiley face on it that she got in the White Elephant. 

I realized later that I hadn't got a picture of the things we all got from my parents. 
They went with a Bed and Breakfast theme. 
We all got new flannel sheets (SO cozy!), placemats, Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers, really nice spoon and spatula, pancake mix, and hot chocolate.
Not pictured they also gave us a bunch of stuff I already had put in the fridge- juice, milk, eggs, frozen hashbrowns, bacon... all the things we needed to make a really yummy breakfast. 
And I did end up using half of it for our Christmas morning breakfast!

It was a great party and great day!


The Kings said...

So fun to relive Christmas with you!

Seth and Julie said...

I will have to remember that candy cane game. That looks fun!