Monday, February 9, 2015

Baking and Such

The week of Christmas Abi finally was out of school for winter break. 
We celebrated by going to Gardner Village to do the elf scavenger hunt and pick out gifts for our Doll's Christmas. 
I thought I had taken a bunch of pictures but apparently there was just this one.

 That afternoon we started our Christmas baking. 
Baking was one of those things that got put on the back burner this year. 
We just didn't have a whole lot of time. 
But there were a few things we really wanted to make. 
The girls were dying to make gingerbread.
So, I made up a batch and then cut out a bunch of different shapes, made up some frosting in pink and green and set out a spot on the floor for them to decorate.

Maddy's finished products...


I did a few too... but my heart just wasn't in it this year so they were pretty underwhelming. 

The next day (Christmas Eve Eve) the girls played outside for a while and Abi fell down the patio steps cutting up her hand and knee (and getting some little pebbles jammed in there that I had to get out with tweezers.) and that is why she is making a frowny face for the picture. 
But they were happy to make some more treats. 
The thing I wanted to make the most were nut clusters and they wanted to make our simple turtles. 
So I set up on the kitchen counter making mine and got them going on their treats. 
 Abi's job was to place all the pretzels in rows on the cookie sheets.  And then she was the one to put the M&M's on top after the chocolate melted. 

 Maddy's job was to unwrap the Rolo's and place them on the pretzels although I think more of them went in her mouth.

It was a lot of fun. 
Hopefully next year we will be able to really get into baking day early in the season.

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