Monday, February 9, 2015

Mini pockets apron

Here are some close ups of the apron I made for my sister. 
Like I said, I couldn't find a long ruffled apron with a really long top tie (so it can be tied in a big bow) that had lots of little pockets so I had to invent it. 
I used a ruffle apron I already had to decide on the size of the ruffles and use as a kind of template for the apron itself and the tie. 

To add the pockets I measured out the length across the front of the apron and cut large rectangles twice the height that I wanted and the length across that I wanted. Then I folded them over and sewed them on. 
I then went down the rectangle four times with the sewing machine to seperate it into 5 pockets. Because it was folded over it technically has 10 little pockets on both rows. 

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