Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We were so excited to wake up on Christmas day! 
I took some pictures of our stockings laid out waiting for us. 
Mine and Doug's...

Abi's pile of things from Santa. 
Santa wraps the main gifts but not stocking stuffers. 
He always goes by a theme for our stockings.
Something to eat, read, play with, need, wear, watch, learn, create, and use. 

Maddy's Santa pile. 

I see a lot of posts out there about kids getting a certain number of gifts but we just go with a certain amount of money per kid ($100) and a certain amount of money for all the stockings (basically $15-25 each) . So then I shop the deals to get the most for our budget. 

Santa always leaves the girls a stuffed animal in bed with them. But this year they each asked for an animator doll on their lists. 
Disney store ended up having them on sale for $10 each (usually $25) so Santa left those for them instead. 
You can see Maddy's Belle below. They were so excited when they got them!

Maddy checking out her stocking stuff. 

Abi is so excited with her new Sofia movie...

Showing off their stocking stuff to each other. 

I love this face. 

Maddy's stocking things and Belle doll. 
She got a Ninja turtle book, lego ornament, small Calico Critters set, McDonalds gift card, some candy, Winnie the Pooh toothbrush, chapstick, a mini pony, Winnie the Pooh sticker activity, Baby Lalaloopsy movie, and some kinetic sand. 

Abi's stocking stuff and her Ariel doll
She got a Fairy book set, Lego girl led light, Mcdonalds gift card, small Lego set, small Calico Critters set, Princess Peach toothbrush, candy, mini pony, Sofia the first movie, my little pony card deck, and kinetic sand.

After stockings we took a break to have breakfast before opening presents. 
I made Crockpot breakfast scramble using the recipe here.
I was able to use the eggs, cheese, and hashbrowns that we got from my parents so that was great. 
I put it in the crock pot the night before and it was ready at breakfast time so it was perfect and very tasty. 

After eating we went back to gifts. 
We take turns opening gifts. 
So, Doug and I have our presents from each other, the girls have their presents from Santa and each other, and we have family gifts. 
We start with Maddy and go around in a circle with each person opening one gift at a time so we all really enjoy the process and get to savor it, make it last longer, and really see everything we each get and all of our reactions. 

I love seeing their excitement with each gift!

So many new things!

Maddy's new things: 
From Santa: Winnie the Pooh storybook buddy with book, Littlest Pet shop blythe set, Lego Duplo grocery store set and cake set, Rarity pop set, Calico critters tent set and garden set, Princess Cupcake party game, Doodle puppy,  and Minnie Mouse plush.
From her Great Grandma Bitter: $5 and a chocolate marshmallow
From Abi: Etch a Sketch

Abi's gifts:
From Santa: a Princess Peach DS holder, 3 DS games (Mario Bros 2, Lego Friends, and Lalaloopsy), Lego friends set, Pinkie Pie Rainbow Rocks doll, Pop set, Cutie Mark Crusaders Rainbow Rocks dolls, 2 My Little Pony graphic novels, and a MLP drawing book.
From Great Grandma Bitter: $5 and chocolate marshmallow
From Maddy: etch a sketch

The Ideals book is for the whole family from my Grandma
The rest are my gifts from Doug and the girls:
Walking with the women of the new testament, lots of books, and the Beauty and the Beast Vinyl Pops. 

Doug's gifts from me and the girls and his stocking: 
He wanted a Treasure chest so I got him an awesome one at Hobby Lobby and filled it with pineapple Fanta, a bunch of chocolate oranges, a music stand, the Mission Impossible tv series on DVD, a big key the girls painted, a bunch of treats, a mini lego set, hair stuff, gift cards to Mcdonalds and Itunes, and a book by Jeffrey R. Holland.

My stocking things: 
Mom's Night Out, Dealing with Dragons, Taylor Swift CD ( no judging!):), a Doctor Who bookmark, gift cards to McDonalds and Target, a magnet, and treats. 

Then we spent the afternoon enjoying our new things!

At dinnertime we put on some soft Christmas music and dined by candlelight. 
We had our traditional Christmas dinner- ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls
and we had our Christmas poppers of course.
So before eating we all popped our poppers.

We put on our crowns!

Silly kid...

After dinner it was time to look for the pickle. 
Each year I get one more gift for $10 or less that is something either one of them would like. 
Then I hide the Christmas pickle on the tree and whoever finds it gets the gift. (It usually ends up being something they can play together.)
I hid it really well because they could not find it!

Finally, Abi found it. She was so happy!

The gift was a little cafe set. 

These are a little out of order but I wished for snow on Christmas and we actually got it!! 
So, at one point Abi ran out to play in it for a minute. 

It was a great Christmas!!


Seth and Julie said...

First of all, why would anyone judge you for having a T Swift CD? We listened to her new CD on a loop for about a month straight around here. No apologies. No shame.

I love that Cupcake Game Maddy got. I think Chloe and I played that 50 times a day the year before she started Kindergarten.

The Kings said...

Merry Christmas! Yep you had it!