Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fan X: Doctor Who Experience

Okay so I've already shown you the awesomeness of my mom and I getting to meet some of the cast of Doctor Who. 
That evening we were able to go to a special panel called the Doctor Who Experience. 
It was the only panel you had to pay extra for. It could be pretty pricey but we bought the general admission tickets as soon as it was announced for $15. 
So glad we did because it sold out FAST!
It was really hectic getting in there. 
There were so many people and the lines were all crazy and apparently some people that hadn't bought tickets snuck in. 
But when it was ready to start we were in our seats and that is all that mattered!
We were very back row. 
So a lot of my pictures are ones I got from the Salt Lake Comic Con website (they will have their mark on them if they are theirs) because I wanted you all to be able to see these awesome people better. 
It was Matt Smith, Billie Piper, and Karen Gillan at the panel. 
I really wanted to meet Karen as well but it was so expensive to meet people that we decided to stick to two and at least be able to see her at the panel. 
I have to say that after watching this panel I like all three of them even better. 
They are all awesome, funny, good human beings. 

When they came on stage they came out of the Tardis. 

It was so fun to see how well they actually all get along and hear their personal stories. Matt and Billie hang out all the time. 

This girl broke down in tears when she was asking her question and they invited her up on stage where she got to sit with Billie and Karen the rest of the time. 

If you are a Doctor Who fan you will appreciate the awesomeness that is this cat nun cosplay.

I have a bunch of videos of the panel so they will be next post.


Donna said...

I think I'd really like this show. At some point I want to start watching it!

cheryl said...

You should! BUT just be aware that the first time I started watching it I started with the first episode of the reboot in 2005 and I couldn't get through it. Then a few months later I decided to really give it a try.
It took a few episodes and then I was hooked.
It felt eighties rather than 2000's at first.
With my mom I had her watch two of my favorite episodes first. Blink and then Vincent and the Doctor.
After those 2 she was hooked and we went back and started at the beginning of the 2005 series.
So you may want to try that if you start and can't get into it.