Friday, February 6, 2015

December Book Club

I was really excited for our book club get together in December. 
I wanted to think of something really fun to do since it was Christmas time. 
So, I went back through all of the books we have done over the years and wrote down each title. 
Then I cute out little rectangles out of white cardstock. 
I folded them in half to make a book shape. 
On the front of each little book I wrote the title and author of each book we have read. 
On the inside I wrote a quote from each book. Some were obvious and some were not. 
Then I punched holes in each one and strung ribbon through the hole and hung them on this mini tree. 
I love the way it looks!

I then typed up every quote that I had on those little books and numbered them. 
Then I made a list of all of the book titles. 
I put a set of each together and then during our book night everyone had to go through the quotes and book titles and try to match them up. 

I bought some matching soft socks and filled them with some candy, matching book marks, face masks, and chapstick to give everyone. 

We had Taco Soup for dinner and then settled in to talk about our book (A Tale of Two Cities)
After our discussion they took the quiz. 
It ended up being really hard. 
My Aunt Maureen won. 
Her prize was a book journal. 
(my cousin Rachel, Aunt Maureen, Maddy, and Abi)

My sister in law Karen and my mom (and Abi sneaking in from behind) opening their socks. 

Everyone brought a book for a book exchange. 

I had us all pull out numbers from a bowl and then you could pick one of the wrapped books and open it. Then the next person would go and could pick a new one or steal. We went around two full times to make sure everyone had a chance to steal if they wanted to. 
My Aunt Maureen ended up with Unbroken. 
My cousin Rachel ended up with Hollow City (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #2)

Karen got Peter and the Starcatchers. 
My Mom (Marcia) got The Scorpio Races.

I got The Mistletoe Promise.

We ended the night with dessert. 
It was such a fun evening!

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The Kings said...

It was a great evening! Thanks for all your preparation and great ideas!