Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maddy's dance recital

In December Maddy had her very first dance recital. 
It was actually our family's first experience with a recital . 
So I had no idea how to put makeup on her. Ha. It was funny. I got some crazy hair goo to slick her back for the low bun (turned out when we got there that a low bun is still pretty high... but oh well).
She had to have on foundation, lipstick, brown eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. 
It freaked me out putting so much make up on her.
But the CRAZIEST thing was how we had never noticed how long her eyelashes are until we put mascara on them. 
They looked like huge butterfly wings. 
They looked fake. 
But they aren't. 

It was also Doug and my anniversary (11 years!) so we went to dinner at Training Table first. My parents came along with us since they were coming to the recital.

After dinner we drove to Murray High School for the recital. I had everyone else go in and get us seats while I took Maddy back to the room they were hanging out in until their turn and to get her dressed. 
She looked adorable. 
Her dance place does it right. 
Each show is only an hour. 
So they do two seperate shows so that you only have to come to the one your kid is in and know you aren't going to be sitting there for hours.
We were so excited when her class came out. 
Maddy is such a cute little dancer. She was so fun to watch. 
She is in the middle there...

I had to get some pictures of her before I changed her back out of her costume. 

Maddy and her friend. 

We didn't get her any flowers because, well, we just didn't think about it. 
But my parents saw people selling flowers there and surprised her with some after the show!

Maddy and my parents...

Abi and Maddy...

Our family

Afterward, even though it was getting late, we went to Arctic Circle (Maddy's choice) to get ice cream. 
The workers kept asking if her eyelashes were fake. It was so funny.

It was such a fun night! We are so proud of Maddy for getting up there and dancing in front of so many people. 


The Kings said...

She was one adorable little dancer!!

Seth and Julie said...

She really does have some fierce lashes. I love her costume! I think I pay for dance all year just so I can see those cute costumes once a year.