Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little Dancer

Maddy and I went home but soon we were leaving again to go to her first day of dance class.
She has been asking to go to dance forever.
So I searched reviews and found a nice little studio that had good ones. It is more than I would like to pay but much less than a few of the other ones I looked at that were comparable to it. 
The winning points for me were that it was close to us, they tell you the price of the costumes for the winter and spring recital upfront, they said they pick modest costumes and appropriate music for recitals, the fact that they have recitals, and the instructors are all adults. 
I have been burned too many times over the past few years by taking the girls to do things at rec centers or other places where classes are taught by teenagers. 
She was so excited to go to dance!
We got there and bought her leotard, her ballet slippers, and her tap shoes. 
Once she was dressed for class she got really nervous....
Most of the moms were hanging out at the front by a big window where you can watch the girls. I was a little afraid (after having watched a few episodes of Dance Moms) and my introverted self was glad to find that on the other side there was a much more comfortable place to sit with small windows where I could still see what they were doing and read. 
It was so much fun to watch her!

Afterward she was so happy and wanted to know when we got to come back for class the next day. I had to tell her it is only once a week.

Happy little dancer!


The Kings said...

I just went through your update of photos and thought I would make one comment here instead of on all of them. Cute little dancer, adorable 1st day of school Abi, fun Disney nights with a movie and fun food (the Chinese looked so gooooood! Fun school date with Abi getting clothes and having one on one time...such a good idea! All the pictures were so cute and fun!

Seth and Julie said...

So cute! I love dance and believe it or not it is actually more cost effective than the other two sports my kids participate in. Maddy looks so happy in that last picture. I can't wait to see recital pictures and hooray for a studio that dresses children like children.

Holly said...

Dance will be so fun! Emma did dance for a year with the same company I had attended when I was a kid. The director was one of my former teachers. You are right about needing a place with adults for teachers (that was a must for me too), and the costs can be crazy! But the recitals make it worth it. I'm so glad Emma did it for a year too, since now she's doing something completely different. Her recital was up at Kingsbury Hall (just like mine were way back in the day) and it was just fun. Maddy looks so happy (and cute!). You'll both love it! Glad you found a place you both like!