Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Disney movie night: Sleeping Beauty

Saturday I took the girls to see Maleficent. It was awesome. We loved it. 
We finished off the weekend by watching Sleeping Beauty. 
It's interesting watching it after Maleficent. They really changed SO much of the storyline. But I have to say that even though Sleeping Beauty was always one of my favorites... I am pretty sure I like the Maleficent version better. And I'm pretty sure the girls did too. 
So, back to Sleeping Beauty. 
I made breakfast for dinner. 
We were already all in our pajamas. 
We had pancackes, eggs, bacon, and strawberries. 
We drank Sleeping Potion which was just Sprite. 

And we had a birthday cake for Aurora. I wanted it to be a little similar to the one in the movie so it is a little off balance and messily frosted... but I only did two tiers. Also made it half pink and half blue because that is the girls' favorite thing in the film.