Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disney Movie Night: Aladdin

We had our Disney Movie Night for Aladdin just days before hearing about Robin Williams. 
We are so saddened for him and his family and for all of us that will miss him.
We are glad that he left behind so many wonderful movies that we can share with our families so that our kids will grow up knowing who he was too. 
For our movie night we had chicken and pepper kabobs, cous cous, 3 different types of hummus with flat bread, Jafar's so twisted fries, and Genie in a bottle drinks. 
For dessert we decorated our own magic carpets

Then we got out some trays I bought after our last sand activity (to try to contain the sand a bit) and the girls made charms with sand.

After that Abi built a Lego set that looks like it could have been Aladdin themed. And Maddy built a palace with her duplo's.

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