Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A boy (and girl) get married

Days after my nephew Alex got home from his mission, his brother Tyler got married! 
He and Sydney have been dating for years and are so much alike it is crazy. They are perfect for each other. 
We were so excited to celebrate with them.
We were able to attend the wedding ceremony at the Salt Lake City temple. The girls hung out in the waiting room with family. 
We made it outside just after they came out. 
Maddy had some change with her and kept going up to Sydney and giving it to her. It was pretty cute. 

While they were taking pictures in front of the temple, Maddy had fun dancing around.
My brother Brent, Tyler, and Karen. The proud parents!
This is out of order. But... when Maddy was giving change to Sydney it ended up getting me one of my favorite pictures.
Doug had to head to work so the girls and I went with my parents to the family and friends luncheon and then home to rest for a while. That night we went to the reception. 
It was a lot of fun. They had a dance floor and the girls had a blast dancing the evening away.
Abi dancing with Grandma. Abi insisted on wearing her dress up glasses all day.
Exploring the "back yard" of the reception center.

Daddy/ Daughter dance...
dancing with Uncle Brent.
It was a really fun event. We are so excited for the newlyweds!!

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The Kings said...

Oh, you got the best photos...I need to transfer several of them to my photo document!