Monday, August 11, 2014

Some random summer moments

 We happened upon the Disney store at opening and found out they do a fun ceremony. The girls got to help the man do a magic spell to open the store. 
It was so cute and then he gave them a Micky lanyard. 

 Maddy's latest drawings: 
Dora and Boots
 Doug went out of town for a week and we had some girly fun (including a sleepover with Grandma) and playing Disney Scene It a lot.
Abi has become obsessed with Mario this summer. She plays whenever we will let her.
 Our reading program this summer consisted of each girl having to read a certain amount of books (in categories like Abi had to read 35 and 5 of those were mysteries, etc. Maddy had to read 15) and they also had to read 30 minutes a day for at least 50 days of summer. 
Last week they both finished the program!
 We took them to Build A Bear a few weeks before to make their prizes and then put them up until they earned them. Abi wants to save hers for an upcoming special event, but Maddy was So excited to get her Donatello ninja turtle!

 I wanted to add this picture of the girls playing Disney Headbandz because I just love the look on Maddy's face.

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The Kings said...

Cute photos...and so glad Maddy got her Donatello!