Saturday, August 23, 2014

New School Year's Eve

It sure seemed like the summer flew by this year! 
Before we knew it, it was the night before school started. 
On Tuesday night we celebrated New School Year's Eve by having tacos (taco tuesday!) and planning a little spa night for us three girls and the American Girl dolls. 
I gathered all the supplies. 
That pink brush is a new brush we just bought from Kid to Kid. 
Abi gets really bad tangles in her hair and it promises to get them out without pain. 
And - it works. It is amazing!
Dinner picnic
I don't have as many pictures as I thought I did. 
But first the girls got baths, we braided their hair, and then we painted nails.

After that I used fabric softener and water in a bottle to try to tame the American Girl doll's hair. This did not work so well. I did Maddy's doll first and so much of her hair came out. It was freaking me out. I finally did get her hair tamed but I was covered in the spray and had a pile of hair. However she still looks good so it wasn't too much hair. 
I decided to try a different method on Abi's doll. 
I filled the bathroom sink with fabric softener/ water that was in the bottle and put her on the counter so all of her hair was soaking in the liquid. 
I left her there all night. 
The next morning I was able to brush her hair out. 
She still had some hair loss but it was much easier. 
Now both dolls have like new hairstyles.
Sorry no pictures. I'll take some soon.

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