Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The summer that didn't turn out the way I thought it would

Long title.
I had major plans for this summer. 
We usually do what we call "summer school". Last year was highly successful with our art program. This year I was focusing on writing. I planned out the writing schedule, made books for the girls to write in, and planned books we would read to demonstrate what we were learning each week. 
I had such plans. 
I was so excited. 
We did it two days. 
We moved into our new house at the beginning of June just as summer started. I then spent the first month getting our house in order. 
By the time we got around to 'starting' our summer it felt half over. 
The girls had become used to a more lazy approach than we have ever had. 
They had watched a lot of tv, they had played a lot of video games, they were sleeping in longer than they ever have in their lives.
I felt tremendous guilt. 
This summer was slipping away and I had nothing to show for it. 
I made sure they were at least doing their reading program. 
Every day that they read for 30 minutes they could mark off a space on a chart I made. 
They each had a certain number and kind of book they had to read. 
Maddy was reading as we have finally got serious with her reading lessons. 
But that was it. 
That was the only productive thing.
We didn't go on more than one or two hikes. 
We didn't go to any museums except the treehouse. 
We didn't even go to any movies at the theater.
No amusement parks. 
We did have park time but as the weather got horribly hot that lessened as well. 
I felt like a failure. 
Those of you who know me know that I am a very scheduled and organized person. 
I like my schedule. 
I like to have a plan. 
So as you can imagine this was so foreign to me. 
A few weeks ago I imagined just doing writing every day. Getting really serious about it so that we could get through the whole program so I didn't have to admit that we had abandoned it. 
Then I decided something. 
I was going to let it go.
Like Elsa. 
I let go of my expectations of myself and the kids. 
I let them help me decide what we were going to do each day. 
Which led to a lot of time at the library and playing Mario.
But it worked.
And they had a lot of fun.
So, there it is. 
Sometimes we have to let it go. 
Sometimes we "fail" at what we are hoping to accomlish. 
Sometimes we don't live up to the summer pinterest board. 
But it's okay.

Note: if you haven't been around for a few days- I did a major blog update. Many posts under this one!

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The Kings said...

Very well said! And I think the girls had a ball.