Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to school Getaway

Last Wednesday (August 13) Abigail and I started a new family tradition. 
Like I said a few posts ago, I was feeling a little guilty about our lack of summer activities. Then I saw a pin that showed a family that had a tradition of taking the kids to a hotel on back to school shopping day. Making a big event of it. 
Abi had a free pass to Seven Peaks that we needed to use so I decided to do all of it on the same day. 
Doug stayed home from work to be with Maddy. 
Abi and I left early and went shopping for clothes first. 
We hit Crazy 8's, Gymboree (although we didn't get anything there), Kid to Kid, Carter's, Kohl's, and Target and were able to get everything we wanted. 
In Target Abi always has to stop and play with the 3DS.
We shared a personal pan pizza and breadsticks at Target and then got her an Icee to go.

After lunch we drove to Provo and braved the dark ominous sky at Seven Peaks. It was SO cold. We stayed about 3 hours and had a great time. I also proved to Abi that you can get sunburnt on a cloudy day because I apparently did not get enough sunscreen on myself.
After swimming we went to our hotel in Orem and checked in. 

While Abi showered, I set out some new pajamas for her, a couple of little toys I picked up, some slippers and nail polish.
She packed a TON of her toys and set them up all over the room to decorate it.
After a few hours we went to McDonalds and brought our dinner back to our room to watch tv while we ate.
We stayed up really late and had so much fun together! 
The next morning Abi was hesitant to get moving. She wanted to stay at the hotel forever! 
Of course we had to get home to relieve Doug so he could go into work.
We got the free breakfast at our hotel and brought it up to our room to have "breakfast in bed". Abi loved this.

And here is the loot: 
All her shirts.... (and one dress)
a bunch of pants..
a skirt..
pajamas- normally pajamas aren't really on my list for back to school. But I got her the unicorn jammies for the hotel stay and then we ended up picking up the other two pairs at Kid to Kid for $5.

new shoes..
and this cool little purse we scored at Target for $3.

Meanwhile, Doug sent me this picture while we were gone. 
I left a new pair of Ninja Turtle pajamas for Maddy and a Ninja Turtle puzzle. 

Thursday after we were home and Doug left for work, Maddy was feeling a little left out and really wanted a new special outfit for the first day of preschool.
Since I do preschool here at home I hadn't really thought of doing that... but I thought it was a fun idea. So we went back to the mall and to Gymboree.
This is the outfit we ended up getting for Maddy.


Seth and Julie said...

This is a great idea! I was going to take Alyssa on a getaway to prep her for middle school but since I ended up keeping her home for middle school I bagged the idea but this looks like such a special memorable mommy and me date.

cheryl said...

It was SO much fun. I am looking forward to doing this every year- and adding Maddy to the mix next year.