Saturday, August 23, 2014

First day of 3rd grade!

Wednesday was Abi's first day of 3rd grade. And her first day of the Salta program at her new school. 
She was pretty nervous and not that happy that summer was over.. 
but she did well and was cheerful when we left. 
The outfit she picked out for her first day of school...

Technically we bought this backpack toward the end of school last year because her last one was getting holes in it. But we still consider it new!

I took some more pictures once we got to school.

Lined up in her class line.
I got a smoking deal on these Converse Chucks at Kohls. I want some in my size!
These two may have fought a lot this summer... 
but they still love each other. Thank goodness.
Getting ready to head toward the front of the school.
Abi's teacher is right there by her in the pink shirt.
Looking less than enthused waiting for their turn to go in. 
They had set up a "red carpet" at the main entrance. So all the classes went in that way today so they could walk it.

Below is a picture of the door the kids had just gone through and the red carpet. 
The men cleaning up the red carpet asked Maddy to help (I was in the office doing registration stuff). 
She loved helping.


Seth and Julie said...

3rd grade! Remember when they were just little kiddos in our fun play group? I think I will always picture Abi at that age. Keep us posted on the new advanced academic program.

cheryl said...

I know. It is just crazy when we think of how fast they are all growing up.