Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weekend Trip: Vernal, part one

My mom, my brother Brent, and my sister in law Karen were running the Vernal races a few weeks ago. Doug didn't end up being able to go but the girls and I did. 
We drove out with my parents. 
We had a really nice room. 

We went out to dinner and then we all hung out in my parent's room for a little while. 

The next morning my dad took the runners over early and then he met up with me and the girls for breakfast at the hotel. We then went over to the finish line to wait for a few hours for them to show up. 
Maddy danced around the field. 

As soon as these people in dinosaur outfits showed up.. Maddy came running over and sat down by Abi. 

Abi was watching My Little Pony on the Ipad. Maddy was writing in her diary.

Karen was running the 5K so she was the first to show up. 

She came over to wait with us.. but then they decided to set up a speaker right behind us so we moved to the other side of the finish line. 

Next up : my brother Brent finishing the half marathon....

He decided he wanted to do the 5K too as they were letting a few people do that. So he stayed for a few minutes and then set off running again. 

Here comes Brent again after finishing the 5K!

Maddy spots Grandma coming after running the half marathon...

The runners....

It was fun to be there to cheer all three of them on!


The Kings said...

Thanks for the pictures of the race! I put them on my documents so I have a record since I didn't see us running!!

cheryl said...

You're welcome!