Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Road Trip Day Four: Forks, Washington and the Hoh Rainforest

We left Bremerton early to head toward Forks. 
It was kind of funny. As we were driving I told my family about a bridge that terrified me as a kid. 
It was a "floating" bridge and I was always afraid we were going to be swept away into the river. I was convinced that it was the most dangerous thing in the world. 
My dad said, "Yeah, we're crossing that."
But it has had a major overhaul so it wasn't so scary anymore. 

It was a typical foggy, rainy morning.
The scenery was absolutely beautiful and I occasionally made my dad pull over so I could take some pictures.
This lake was so pretty.

a big herd of elk...

After a few hours we arrived in Forks, home of the vampires.

My mom and I both read and watched the Twilight books and movies and we both really enjoy them. 
No haters!
It was fun to go to the town and see how immersed it is in Twilight culture. 
We drove around seeing all of the Twilight spots. 
The high school....

Bella's truck!
This one is the one from the movie, next to it is one exactly like the one in the books.

Since my dad and the girls don't care about Twilight, they waited in the car while my mom and I got out at places to take pictures. 
When we were at the visitor's center taking pictures of the trucks I noticed a little sign that said "little free library". We took the path into the woods to find it. 

I love these forests.

In the visitor's center they had all of these cutouts.

Dr. Cullen's coat...

Our next stop was Bella's house from the books. 

Then we drove by the hospital where they have a parking sign for Dr. Cullen.

Then we went to the police station where Charlie worked.
Usually there is a police car that says Charlie Swan on it but we couldn't find it.

Our next stop was the Cullen house from the books. 

The sign next to the front door told visitor's where the Cullen family was today. On vacation.

I had to take a picture of this tree. Its trunk looked like a pinecone. And it was SO tall!

We went to the small grocery store in town and grabbed some lunchables for lunch because we were all starving and couldn't find anywhere to eat in town that looked and sounded good.
We ate in the parking lot of the outfitters store from the book.

We then left and drove toward the Hoh Rainforest. 
It was a beautiful drive. 
More elk!

When we got to the visitor's center we were very sad that it was closed. But we did get out and walk around a bit.

We then drove back the way we had come, in the direction of Forks. 

From Forks we drove out toward La Push.
We should have come out this way at lunch time because there was a nice diner out this way!
By the diner we saw this sign...

We drove to First Beach. 
It was beautiful and my favorite place we visited this day. 

There were a few surfers that had come in and one was still out there.
It was really stormy and the water was crazy so we all were standing around watching the guy come in to make sure he made it.

I noticed this rock that looked like a wolf looking at the sky. 

Then we drove past Jacob Black's house. 

We then drove back toward Bremerton. 
It was a very long day so it was late and dark by the time we got close. 
We stopped at a Dairy Queen in Poulsbo that we used to go to when I was little to get some dinner and some ice cream. 
Maddy wanted me to take a picture of her next to this stained glass to send to Doug.

We then got back to our room and all relaxed and read for a while before going to sleep.

It was actually a really fun day. 
I was a bit worried that my dad and the girls were bored since most of the places we went were for my mom and my own benefit.... but I'm still really glad we did it.

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