Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Road Trip Day Eight: California to Nevada

We woke up and packed up. Then we had breakfast at our hotel.

We then got back on the road. As we were leaving town we saw a better looking beach on the side of the road. There were people gathering shells so we figured maybe this was the beach that had been recommended to us.
My dad pulled over and the girls and I ran down to the beach.
Almost immediately Abi found a sand dollar half buried in the sand!
After that we kept looking for them but didn't find anymore. We did collect a few shells though.

We then got back on the road. 
We were going to be heading East toward Nevada but the road we were going to take was closed because of a road slide due to weather. 
So we decided to go south to some more redwoods before going east. 

We came across these guys. 

The girls kept hiding under blankets.

Abi took a bit of a nap along the way. 

Then we found ourselves in another Redwoods forest. 
We stopped in at the visitor's center which was really nice. 

We grabbed a cool bookmark in the gift shop and then the girls took some time finding all of the listed animals in this display.

Then we drove to one of the drive-thru trees. It wasn't drive through at the moment because the road was broken behind it... but we walked through. 

Looking up from inside the tree...

The girls and I went back up to the car while my parents went through and I took this picture from above in the parking lot... my parents look so tiny! That is a big tree!

From here we continued our trek east toward Nevada. 

Soon we were crossing the mountain. It was snowy and as it got darker a little bit scary. 

Into Nevada..

It was so dark that I made the girls wait until we stopped in Reno for dinner to open their Nevada prizes.

After this we continued on to Fallon. 
We had reservations on the naval base there. 
We realized earlier in the day that we should call to check on the reservation so I did and everything was good. 
Then later we realized we should have told them about the credit card in case they tried to run it like the other naval base did. But when I called back I couldn't get through to them. 
So we just hoped everything would work out. 
By the time we got there it was really late, we were all exhausted. 
It took a long time to find the base in the dark and then to find a gate that was open. 
When we found it we asked the gate guard for our keys since they leave them there if you arrive after 4pm. They didn't have any keys left. 
So we had to drive back into Fallon and find a hotel. 
It was super stressful. 
Of course we realized this was our last snafu caused by the dumb jerk robbers... and I was especially grumpy as we made our way into the room but we ended up being able to have a pretty decent room and getting a good night sleep. Everything would feel better in the morning. 

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The Kings said...

Thanks for the pictures! Stress kinda factored into our trip a few times...and it was really frustrating to get to Fallon and have "no room at the Inn" at the base! ;-/