Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Road Trip day one: Driving to Oregon

At the beginning of April the girls and I took a road trip to the Pacific Northwest with my parents. 
As usual I collected little "prizes" for the girls to open at each state line. 
This time I wrapped them in kraft paper and drew the state outline on them. (There are two Oregon because we went into it, left, and then came back)

I packaged the girls clothes as I usually do- by day, in ziplock bags. 

We rented a mini van for the trip so that we didn't have to take mine or be crowded in my parents SUV. 
I picked it up the day before the trip so I could fill it up with snacks, water bottles, and have it completely ready to go early in the morning. 
My parents met us at our house early on Sunday, April 2nd and left their car in our garage. 
I had a basket by each girl's spot in the van with a few new things in it- coloring books, colored pencils, a new book, etc. 

This is the van that we would have for exactly two days. (foreshadowing)

It was a long drive, but a fun one. We talked, goofed off, listened to my Beauty and the Beast Live Action Soundtrack....
Soon we were crossing into Idaho.

We used Netflix's download service to be able to have access to My Little Pony episodes on the Ipad along the way...

I like to drive on road trips... but I knew my dad does too so I let him take the wheel for this trip.

Not the prettiest part of Idaho...

Of course the road trip was full of junk food and fast food. I swear by the time I come home from vacations all I want to eat is vegetables for days. 
We stopped at McDonalds for lunch.

Pretty soon... well, not soon, but later that day... we were crossing into Oregon.

Next prizes...

Getting prettier...

We stopped at a little rest stop and Maddy and I went exploring....

We spotted a cloud that looked like the dog creature from Neverending Story...

We finally made it to our hotel!
We were staying at the River Lodge and Grill in Boardman right by the river. 
It was a really nice place... but kind of in the middle of nowhere.

We had a really pretty view of the river from our room. 

Abi taught Grandma how to do the Glitter Force dance.

There weren't any real meal options besides the hotel restaurant which was pretty fancy so we had to go there.

The girls weren't thrilled with their food but we made do.

Doug made this little stained glass boat right before we left so we took it along to take pictures of like I did with Maddy's Shopkin on my Europe trip... but I didn't get many before it broke. 

After dinner we spent the evening relaxing in the room- the girls on their electronics and the adults reading.

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The Kings said...

A long but very fun day. I liked the place we stayed but wish we would have had more eating choices.