Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Road Trip Day Nine: On our way home

In the morning we had breakfast in our hotel and then we decided to head back over to the Naval base to visit the exchange.

Abi's Pinkie Pie at our hotel. 

On the base...

Apparently this tree area has a very important part of my parent's relationship as it is where they got back together after breaking up once... my dad was stationed here and my mom drove down with her sister. 

The desert....

Of course today's drive took a long time because it was the last day and there wasn't anything to do but drive.
Hello Utah!

Salt Flats...

Maddy wanted Pizza Hut the entire trip so we finally got it for lunch today. 
I let her have a diet pepsi. I don't know what I was thinking- her first caffeinated drink!
Of course she loved the taste but only drank a few tablespoons of it. So I wasn't too worried. Of course she had to act silly. 

More desert...

We drove straight to my house from here and were so happy to be home!
These are the souvenirs I picked up...
Lewis and Clark book, Cape Blanco lighthouse ornament made from myrtle wood that only grew in that area and Jerusalem, a cow ornament from Tillamook (I also got an ice cream scoop from there and Maddy got a cow stuffed animal but they are not in the picture), a Washington keychain to use as a Christmas ornament, Maddy got a cat ornament from the highway 101 Christmas shop, and I got two bookmarks- one New Moon one from Forks and the Redwoods one. 
They also got the stuffed animals from the animal reserve we stopped at.

It was overall a really fun trip.
There was a little bit of a shadow over it after the way it started but I think we did a really good job of finding the good and having a lot of fun anyway.
I was happy to have been able to take the girls to four states that they hadn't been to yet. Five for Maddy as only Abi had been to Idaho before.
We love traveling.

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The Kings said...

Loved the pictures of Maddy savoring her Diet Pepsi!!